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Phone: (508) 359-2168

Program Director:

Kurt Jackson  

Street Address:

124 North Street, Medfield, MA 

(located in the Pfaff Center | Corner of North and Dale Streets)

Mailing Address:

P.O. box 18 Medfield, MA 02052

MAP @ The Pfaff


Serving 4th & 5th Grade at Dale Street School & 6th grade Blake Middle Schoolstudents

Daily Schedule

2:15  Middle School students are dropped off by bus at the Pfaff Center.

2:35 Dismissal | Students line up in the Dale Street School Gym and are met by a MAP teacher who checks them in. Weather permitting, children have recess once they arrive at MAP. 

3:05 Snack, Homework, Outside, Main Room | After a long school day, many students need to unwind. For those students, outside play is offered right away. Other students would rather get their homework done at the beginning of the MAP day so they don’t have to worry about it later. For those students, the homework room is open right away. Still others want to relax in the main room with a book or a board game. After the MAPsters finish snack, they will be able to choose whether they want to go outside, the homework room, or stay in the main room. The MAP students are also allowed to use non Wi-Fi enabled electronic devices in the main room from the time snack is finished until 4:00. At 4:00, all electronics must be put away in their backpacks.

4:00 Project & Club Opens | At 4:00, we offer a daily project which may be a craft, science experiment, drama activity or other activity that may engage the students. We also offer clubs throughout the year that meet for five weeks.  A few clubs we have already had this year include Art Club, Pay It Forward Club, Culture Club and Chess Club.  All other rooms remain open. 

4:30 Second Snack | In the middle of the MAP day we offer a second snack of either a fruit or vegetable to help our growing students stay energized throughout the day.

5:45 End of Day Group Activity | All MAPsters are gathered inside the Pfaff Center for a group activity.


Download any of the forms below on our Forms Page>> or you can find a copy in the main room at the Pfaff. These forms are currently not available, they will be in late August 2015.

Computer Contract >>

MAP’s computers are hooked up to the Internet. Much of the students' homework requires them to access Google Drive or a specific online program.  Unless otherwise notified by a parent/guardian, all students are allowed to go online for the purpose of completing assignments. However, if a student wants to go online for anything other than homework, we require students to have a Computer Contract. This contract outlines our rules and expectations of appropriate conduct while online. Parents/guardians must review these rules and expectations with their child, and we must have a signed contract on file before the student is allowed to use the Internet. 
Extracurricular Activities Forms >>
There are many opportunities available to 4th and 5th graders offered by both the school and the Park and Rec. The location of the MAP site is convenient for students to walk to/from their activities after school. If your child is involved in intramurals or some other extracurricular activity on a day he/she attends MAP, you must fill out a form granting him/her permission to walk to/from MAP.  

Homework Contract >>

MAP provides a quiet space and supplies so that students can work on their homework while at the program.  There is also staff on hand to make sure students are staying on task and to answer their questions.  If you would like your child to do his/her homework at MAP and you find that he/she is choosing not to do it, you may want to consider filling out a homework contract with him/her.  A Homework Contract is an agreement between the student and the parent. The amount of time required working on homework, as well as any rewards/consequences are decided upon by the student and parent.  MAP will encourage students on Homework Contracts to fulfill their obligations specified in the contract, but it is the responsibility of the parent to check the child’s homework and follow through on the rewards and consequences.