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Currently we have limited enrollment in some of our programs. To register, please click on the registration form link for the program of your choice.  All registration forms should be mailed to P O Box 18, Medfield, MA 02052 and include a $50.00 registration fee for one child and $30.00 registration fee for each additional child. 

Jump Start MAP 2017-2018:  a program @ our Memorial site location for 4 and 5 year olds not yet in kindergarten, a wonderful enriching experience for your preschooler!   We still have space! Join us for the 2017-18 year, a great way to enhance your child's pre-school experience!

Kindergarten MAP 2017-2018:a program also at our Memorial site location for children enrolled in the Memorial school half day or full day kindergarten.  We have filled our capacity for children in Full Day K, however, if your child is in AM or PM kindergarten, we hope you consider joining us- a great way to give your child the full day experience in a fun and enriching way!

Grades 1-6 2017-2018:    for children in grade 1 attending Memorial school, children in grade 2 and 3 attending Wheelock, and children in grades 4, 5, and 6 attending either Dale St. or the Blake Middle School.  Currently full in grades 1, 2, and 3, however you must register to be placed on our wait list, changes do occur over the summer and at the beginning of the school year.  We do still have space in our grades 4-6th grade program at the Pfaff.


After you have mailed your registration form, the Executive Director will confirm your enrollment by asking for a two week refundable tuition deposit in late May.  Prior to starting MAP, you will be asked to complete a "Child Information Form" that provides us with contact information, authorized persons that you give permission for us to release your child with, along with emergency contacts and other important information that will help us care for your child.  Please feel free to contact Gaye Shannon @ 508.359.0003 or email:


​Child Information Form   (to be completed ONLY after you are accepted into the program)

All confirmed families must complete child information forms for their child prior to their child attending MAP.  Additionally if your child has an allergy or will need medication while they are at MAP, we ask that you make an appointment with your child's program director to discuss the concerns, drop off medication, and to assure the proper forms are completed. 

To download a form, please click here

For children in our Jump Start program, in addition to the child information form, families must submit a physical and provide us with a developmental history. Click here to download the developmental history form.

Extra Day or Extended Day Form

Use the"Extra Day or Extended Day Form" form to sign up for an extra day or to extend your child's regular day (for Jump Start or AM Kindergarteners).  Please consult your child's program director to assure space availability.

Is there something conflicting with your MAPster's schedule?  Use the "Change of Schedule" form if you need to add or drop days.  Please complete this form and give it to your MAPster's Program Director.  We require a 2 week notice for any drops.  Additional days are subject to space availability.

Medical Forms:   If your child needs medication for any reason at MAP you must speak with the Program Director at your MAPster's respective MAP location prior to starting MAP!

In order for any medication to be dispensed at MAP, the appropriate form must be completed and signed by both the child’s doctor and parent/guardian.  Please read through the different descriptions of each form and choose the appropriate one for the medication you wish to keep at MAP.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Program Director.

  • Severe Allergy Plan - For all severe allergies which require an antihistamine and/or an EpiPen.  Click here>> to download the severe allergy form

  • Individual Health Care Plan - For any chronic condition, other than severe allergies, which require medical treatment such as asthma, ADHD, diabetes, epilepsy,  and non-severe allergies  Click here>> to download the individual health care form.

  • Medication Consent Form- For both prescription and non-prescription medications that are NOT necessary for a severe allergy or a chronic condition. (examples: ibuprofen, antibiotics, etc)  Click here>>to download the medication consent form.

Site Specific Forms for 2nd-3rd Grade Site :


Site Specific Forms for MAP @ the Pfaff Site:



Upcoming Special Sign-up Days

MAP will be closed for the December winter vacation.  MAP will be open for the February Vacation week.  Sign ups will be going out by the end of January.