Holidays, Vacations & Non-school Days

If a non-school day or holiday falls during a normal school week, you must pay tuition for that day with the exception of the December, February, and April vacation breaks. MAP is closed during the December vacation break and tuition is not charged for this week. MAP is open during the vacation weeks in February and April for children in kindergarten through grade 6 (not available for Jump Start families). Tuition is due only if you elect to sign up in advance for these special vacation programs.

Sign-ups for February & April Vacation will be placed on the forms page of our website. Advance sign-up and payment (additional tuition) is required to attend on these special full day openings (8:00 am – 6:00 pm).

During the 2016-17 school year, MAP is closed on the following vacation days and holidays:

  • September 5 (Labor Day)

  • October 10(Columbus Day)

  • November 11 (Veteran's Day)

  • November 24 & 25 (Thanksgiving and day after)

  • December 26- January 2 (December vacation)

  • January 16 (Martin Luther King Day)

  • February 20 & 24(during February Vacation)

  • April 17 (during April Vacation)

  • May 29(Memorial Day)

The non school days or holidays that MAP will be OPEN and offering full day programs for Kindergarten through grade 6 (not available for Jump Start families):

  • Monday, August 29, Tuesday, August 30(grades K-6),

  • Wednesday, August 31 and Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2 (K only)

  • Monday, October 3

  • Wednesday, October 12

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday,  February 121-23(February Vacation)

  • Wednesday, March 8

  • Friday, April 14

  • April 18-21 (April Vacation) 

MAP is also open on all early release days for K-6th grade (not available for Jump Start families) AND there is no extra charge. For more information see the Family Handbook>>.