Gaye Shannon, Executive Director

Gaye has been leading the MAP team since 1990. She has a degree in Recreation Administration from Texas State University. Gaye and her program directors have worked together to provide an enriching environment for children ages 4 and up to learn, explore, and create.

To contact Gaye, call 508-359-0003 or email

Annette Gallagher is the Program Director at the Jump Start/Kindergarten-1st grade program. Annette has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Bridgewater State College, a Master's in Education with an emphasis in School Age Care from Concordia University, and is Director II Certified by the Department of Early Education & Care. Annette has been with MAP since 1994. To contact Annette email:

Alex Sakash is the Program Director at the 2nd and 3rd grade program located behind Wheelock school. Alex went through the MAP program as a youth giving him a unique perspective to the running of this MAP program. Alex also holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Framingham University.

To contact Alex email:

Kurt Jackson is the Program Director at MAP @ the Pfaff (grades 4-6).  For 20 years prior to becoming the director at the Pfaff, Kurt taught in our AM Kindergarten Program and was the Lead teacher in our 2nd and 3rd grade program. 

To contact Kurt email:

Parent Board

​MAP is overseen by a Board consisting of parents whose children are currently enrolled in the program.  Board members are elected annually and may serve two-three years. 

Board Members

Jodi DiNatale  President

Brooks Parker, Vice President

Kay Hoffman, Secretary

Kevin Liddy, Treasurer

Cathy Burman, Asst. Treasurer

Karen Peters, Teacher Appreciation

Sarah Powers, Fundraising

Elizabeth Behrman, Member-at-Large

Sarah Herd, Member-at-Large

Jane Resch, Member-at-Large