Frequently asked questions


What is MAP?
MAP is the Medfield Afterschool Program, Inc. and is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.  MAP is an established nonprofit, parent-based cooperative that provides quality care & enrichment to children in Jump Start through sixth grade enrolled in the Medfield Public Schools.  In 2014, MAP created its Jump Start program for children ages four and five not yet enrolled in the Medfield Public Schools.   MAP has been proudly serving families in Medfield since 1989.  We are members of NAA (National Afterschool Association).

Where is MAP located?
MAP has a site conveniently located within or adjacent to each of the three elementary schools, Memorial (Jump Start/K-1), Wheelock (2-3), and Dale Street (4-5) so that students are kept within the peer age groups of their school.  Children in grade 6 may participate in our Counselor-in-Training program and are bused to their MAP location that they are enrolled in.  MAP is able to utilize the school playgrounds, gyms, cafeterias, and libraries because of its excellent partnership with the Medfield Public Schools.

I have heard that you can’t get into MAP unless you register for 5 days of care per week.  Is that true? 
NO, we prefer that you only sign up for the days that you really need as this will greatly simplify the registration and scheduling process.

We believe it is important to remain flexible for our families. Therefore, we provide opportunities for families to change or reduce their schedules with a two week advance notice. In exchange, we ask families to register in the spring for only those days they need.

I have heard that I won’t be able to get into MAP because there is always a wait list.  Is that true? 
NO, our enrollment fluctuates all of the time as the needs of our families change. It is important to register. The simple process involves completing a registration form and returning it to MAP. If for any reason, we can not accommodate your needs at the time of registration, you can choose to either be placed on a wait list or have your $50 registration fee returned. MAP has been able to work with all families, hire more teachers when necessary, and work with the schools on obtaining more space in order to accommodate our enrollment.

What is the teacher to child ratio that you maintain? 
Our licensing agency, The Department of Early Education and Care, requires 1 teacher for every 13 children. MAP surpasses these requirements by maintaining a 1 to 8 teacher to child ratio in our Jump Start/ kindergarten programs and 1 to 10 or better for children in grades 1 through 6. 

Who is teaching my child?
Our Educators are qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds and educational experiences including degrees in early childhood, elementary/or secondary education, school age care, recreation, art, drama specialties, and MORE!  Additionally, the MAP Educators obtain between 12 and 20 hours of professional development training each year as required by the Department of Early Education and Care.

What are clubs?
MAP offers clubs all year long. Clubs are optional and available to students via a sign-up program. They provide an opportunity for Educators to explore a topic of interest in depth with the same group of children for about 6 weeks. Clubs give children the opportunity to learn, make new friends, and experience an important sense of belonging that comes with being a part of a special group. Some of the clubs we have offered in the past have been: 

Drama, chess, Spanish, culture, dollhouse, slumber party, video, healthy snacks, science clubs, Olympic, Cooking, Sign language, Book, exercise, game, gardening, sports clubs, Jewelry making, pirate, detective, sewing, knitting, drawing, give back, claymation, comics, puppet, naturalist, history, Around the World, Australia, walk around town clubs, and much much more!

Check out our monthly newsletters for more information on the types of clubs and activities each program offers.

Where does my tuition go? 
Since MAP is non-profit, the tuition goes right back into supporting the quality programs we offer.

What are the tuition payment arrangements?
Upon acceptance in to the program, each family is asked to confirm their enrollment with a refundable two week tuition deposit based on your child’s schedule.  Tuition is billed monthly in advance based on your child's schedule. Two week tuition deposits are completely refundable when you leave the program (even if you leave mid-year!) as long as you have adhered to our tuition policy and your account is paid in full.  Tuition invoices are emailed out on/around the 15th of the month and are due by the 1st of the month. 

More information about our tuition policies can be found in our Family Handbook.

When is MAP Open?
MAP is in operation during the school year and follows the school calendar. For children in grades 1-6, MAP opens on the first scheduled day of school. (Jump Start and Kindergarten starts approximately one week later -please see the school/MAP Calendar)

MAP is open for children enrolled in Kindergarten-grade 6 on some non-school days, on early release days, and during the February & April Vacation Weeks (not available for Jump Start) MAP is not open during the summer. 

Do we need to sign up for early release days?
If your child is normally enrolled on a day that an early release is scheduled, you do not need to sign up. If your child does not normally attend MAP on the day an early release day falls on and you need coverage you can speak to the Program Director at your child’s site about availability.

Do we need to provide a snack for our child to have at MAP?
NO. MAP provides a variety of healthy snack choices each day. We try to always offer a fresh fruit option and we serve water to drink. If your child has allergies or specific dietary needs we ask that you speak to the director at your child’s program. 

Still have questions? 
Please contact the Executive Director, Annette Gallagher 508.359.0003 or