​​Annette Gallagher, Executive Director

Annette has been with MAP since 1994. She has

a B.S. in Elementary Education from Bridgewater State College, a Master's in Education with an emphasis in School Age Care from Concordia University, and is Director II Certified by the Department

of Early Education & Care. 

To contact Annette (508) 359-0003

email: Annette.map@comcast.net

Gaye Shannon, Office Manager

Gaye has been leading the MAP team since 1990. In 2019 she'll be taking on a new Role as the Office Manager. In She has a degree in Recreation Administration from Texas State University. Gaye and her program directors have worked together to provide an enriching environment for children ages 4 and up to learn, explore, and create.

To contact Gaye:  508-359-0003 email gayeshannon@verizon.net

Meghan Jackson, Jump Start Kindergarten & First Grade Program Director

Meghan has been at MAP since 1997.  She has a B.A. from Boston College in Early Childhood Education and Human Development and her Director Certification through the Department of Early Education and Care.  

To contact Meghan:  (508) 359-2165  

email: meghan.map@comcast.net

Alex Sakash, Second & Third Grade Program Director  Alex went through the MAP program as a youth giving him a unique perspective to the running of this MAP program. Alex also holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Framingham University. Alex has been at MAP since 2013.

To contact Alex: (508) 359- 8513  email: Alex.23map@gmail.com

Kurt Jackson, MAP @ the Pfaff Program Director (grades 4-6)

Kurt has been at MAP since 1995.  He has taught in our AM Kindergarten Program, was the Lead teacher in our 2nd and 3rd grade program, and is a talented artist and story teller. 

To contact Kurt (508) 359-2168  email: kurt14.map@gmail.com