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To Enroll in ACH Payments

MAP is offering families the opportunity to have their monthly tuition and any related MAP expenses debited directly from their bank account via an electronic bank to bank payment called ACH (Automated Clearing House). In order to participate in this optional form of payment, families must complete and return the Authorization Agreement and provide MAP with a cancelled check. MAP families will continue to receive a monthly tuition statement on the 15th of each month, and tuition payments will be due on the 1st of the following month. ACH payments will be drawn from participating families accounts in batches, starting on the 1st and may occur within the first 5 business days of the month. Families may enroll at any time. Enrollment forms must be received by the 15th of the month in order for ACH payments to be processed on the 1st. MAP will confirm your enrollment via email. Click Here>> for the enrollment form

To Register for MAP for 2024-2025

MAP will be accepting 2024-2025 registration forms for NEW FAMILIES between Monday, March 25 - Monday, April 8, 2024.  

MAP Registration forms are available by clicking on the links below. In order to register for MAP, families must know their child’s placement/schedule (Preschool—Jump Start, Morning Kindergarten or Full Day Kindergarten).  MAP does its very best to accommodate all families but in some cases, a lottery may necessary.  

Jump Start MAP 2024 - 2025:  a program at our North Street/Memorial School location for 4 and 5 year old children not yet in kindergarten, a fun & enriching experience for preschool aged children.   

Kindergarten MAP 2024 - 2025:  a program at our North Street/Memorial School location for children enrolled at the Memorial school in half day or full day kindergarten.  

Grades 1-6 2024-2025:  programming for children in grade 1 attending the Memorial school, children in grades 2 & 3 attending the Wheelock school, and children in grades 4, 5, and 6 attending either the Dale Street school or the Blake Middle School. 

The Executive Director will confirm your enrollment by asking for a two week refundable tuition deposit. Prior to starting MAP, you will be sent forms to complete that will help us care for your child.  Please feel free to contact Annette Gallagher with any questions @ 508.359.0003 or email: annette.map@comcast.net

Child Information Form

Child Information Forms for 2024-2025 will be sent to all enrolled families in July 2024. All families with children enrolled in MAP for 2024-2025 must complete a child information form prior to their child attending MAP.  This form can be emailed or mailed to MAP and is due by (TBD). 

Developmental History & Current Physical

All JUMP START families enrolled in MAP for 2024-2025 must complete a developmental history prior to their child attending the program.  Jump Start families are also required to provide MAP with a copy of their child's current physical.  Both are due back to MAP by  (TBD). 

Health Plans

In order to keep children safe at MAP, families with children having a health or medical condition, allergy, who take medicine at home or school, or who may need to have medication at MAP, are required to:  contact their child's program director, complete the appropriate plan/forms below. We as all families to complete the MAP forms for consistency for our staff when accessing the information. Copies of supporting information should be sent as well.  Please read through the different descriptions of each form to choose the appropriate form that pertains to your child. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Program Director.

Meghan Jackson                                                 Alex Sakash                                                       Kurt Jackson
JS- K-1 Program (508) 359-2165                         2-3 Program (508) 359-8513                               4-6 Program (508) 359-2168
Meghan.map@comcast.net                               Alex.23map@gmail.com                                   kurt14.map@gmail.com        

Individual Health Care Plan- Families of children with any chronic medical or health condition which has been diagnosed by a doctor or licensed health care practitioner, including but not limited to serious allergies, anaphylaxis, asthma, ADD/ADHD, celiac disease, diabetes, epilepsy, physical disabilities, etc. which may or may not require medical treatment and/or medication at home, school or MAP are required to complete a MAP health forms and to contact their child's program director (below). Once forms are completed, families must set up a time to meet to review the forms, discuss your child’s condition, provide training, and drop off medications (if any) between August 7-18 2023. If enrolling during the school year, MAP must have the meeting, completed forms and medication at least one week prior to the child attending the program.For safety, children may not attend the program without their completed forms & medication (if any). 

Medication Consent Form - For both prescription and non-prescription medications that are NOT necessary for a severe allergy or a chronic condition. (examples: ibuprofen, antibiotics, etc.)  

Extra Day or Extended Day Form

Use the"Extra Day or Extended Day Form" form to request an extra day or to extend your child's regular day (for Jump Start or AM Kindergarteners).  Please consult your child's program director to assure space availability.  Click here>> for the extra/extended day form.

Schedule Changes

MAP requires 2 weeks written notice to make a schedule change (request additional day, drop days, or leave the program). Additional days are subject to space availability. Please email the Executive Director or your Child's Program Director to notify them of the change. Please be sure to notify your child's teacher & school of and schedule changes.

Site Specific Forms for 2nd-3rd Grade Site :

Site Specific Forms for MAP @ the Pfaff Site:

Upcoming Special Sign-up Days: (not available for Jump Start)