MAP is a non-profit, parent-run organization and all monies received from our families goes directly into the program.  We take pride in running an exceptional, developmental, and creative before and after school program. 


     JUMP START MAP                                                       Daily            Full-Time (5 days)
Morning Jump Start (8:30-12:15)                                          $37.00          $167.00

Afternoon Jump Start (11:15-2:30)                                       $33.00          $148.50

Full Day Jump Start (8:30-2:30)                                            $62.00         $279.00

 MAP for KINDERGARTEN                                                  Daily         Full-Time  (5 days)

Morning only – 8:30 am – dismissal for PM K

or after AM K- dismissal-2:30                                                 $30.00          $135.00
Morning/return until 4:30 pm

or after AM K dismissal-4:30                                                   $47.00          $211.50

Morning/return to - 6:00 pm

or after AM K dismissal -6:00                                                  $56.00          $252.00               

FULL DAY K afternoon dismissal - 6:00 p.m.                         $34.00           $153.00


           MAP for Grades 1-6                                                   Daily             Full-Time  (5 days)

School dismissal until 6:00 p.m.                                              $34.00          $153.00

Discounts:  MAP offers the following discounts for its families: 

  • 10% discount for enrolling 5 days a week (discount already reflected in table above) 

  • 5% sibling discount for lesser tuition

Your weekly tuition will be calculated and multiplied by the number of days/weeks in the school year (approximately 38 weeks) and divided in 10 equal installments that are payable in advance. 

  • Tuition is charged for holidays/non-school days that fall within the academic year.

  • MAP will charge for any snow days that will be made up at the end of the school year.

  • MAP does not include/bill tuition for the school vacation weeks (December, February, or April break). 

  • MAP offers February & April vacation programs that families may elect to sign up for and pay to attend.  (not available for Jump Start families)

  • MAP does not charge extra tuition for coverage on early release or conference days. 

  • If there is a non-school day that MAP elects to open, there will be a special sign up and extra tuition may be charged for Grades K-6, Jump Start MAP will not be available

  • Jump Start families are not charged for special sign days @ MAP  

  • Families may elect to change their schedule without penalty provided we receive a two week written notice.  

Tuition deposits are held in escrow until you leave the program and then refunded to you provided your account is paid in full.  If you add or drop days during the year, your annual tuition is re-calculated and you will receive a new installment amount.

More detailed information can be found in our Family Handbook (updated yearly) posted on our website,   All of our special sign ups (non-school days, vacation week coverage) will be posted on our website 3 weeks prior to the special openings.

 Again, thank you for your interest in MAP, if you have questions or concerns, please call Annette Gallagher at 508.359.0003 or email