What Families are Saying

 "We have a 6 year old who is in the half-day kindergarten program and attends MAP each day until 3:00 New to town, we assumed full day K would be best for our active son, but that was not the case.  In fact, we passed on a full day slot that opened in late fall because we love the combination of the structured, curriculum based K classroom and the hands-on creative learning, exploration and play they do at MAP.  They have studied the planets, each of the kids creating a clay model of Earth and painting all the planets; they have studied cultural holidays celebrated in other countries, and baked treats corresponding to the culture; they learn (and master) all types of board games as well as create their own board games; they play outside, do artwork, listen to stories, create and wrap gifts and run a holiday shop during the holidays and generally have fun.  We have great confidence in the program and the staff, the activities they do and the way they interact with the children, and would definitely recommend the program to others

- Jen Koch

"The Medfield Afterschool Program is an outstanding resource for families. When we first moved to town a few years ago, a friend told us that her children enjoyed attending MAP more than school! Three years later, I understand what she meant. MAP is a truly a magical place where kids can connect with each other and their amazing afterschool teachers in a fun, positive, and enriching environment. I'm in awe of the teachers' dedication to each child's creativity, ideas, interests and development. The afterschool teachers help guide and encourage self-directed students while providing a safe and structured environment. It's really all about PLAY and that is just awesome. We are thrilled with the Medfield Afterschool Program!"

- Sarah Zengo

"We have found half-day kindergarten plus a half-day in MAP to be the perfect combination for our daughter. She is making great progress with her kindergarten academics in the morning, and then MAP provides her with a varied and complementary set of experiences.  This includes science experiments, artwork, music, cooking, and learning about other cultures.  The smaller group fosters closer friendships with other students and allows for more individual attention for each child from the MAP teachers.  We have found the MAP teachers to be enthusiastic, dedicated, approachable, and responsive.  It is apparent that they love what they do.

-Monika and Fred Konopka

"I had always heard such great things about MAP but you really don't realize just what your child is getting until you're in the program. What a committed group of teachers!! This is not a holding place for kids after school. It's a place of incredible enrichment, warmth and creativity. Various times a year the kids are given choices of clubs to join- yes, electives! My kids have acted in and produced a movie, cooked things they read about in their story books, and made their own instruments. However, nothing will top one night before Christmas when the MAP teachers knocked on our door, caroling, and sang to my kids. Talk about showing kids they're worth it! In the case of MAP, the people makes the place. If you're considering MAP don't hesitate!" 

- Lucy Sullivan 

MAP has been the highlight of my son's day.  Each morning, he asks with a big smile, "Is it a MAP day?".  He is especially excited for the "All day, MAP days", when school is closed.  This is a tremendous comfort to a parent working full time, knowing how happy he is while away from home.  When asked about his favorite part about MAP, he said "he loves being a part of the clubs, and all the fun games and projects" Thanks MAP!!

- Benjianna Schomer


My daughter is 5 and has greatly benefited from the Jump Start program this year! The MAP teachers, as well as the MAP curriculum is fun, dynamic and enriching and has greatly enhanced my daughter's academic as well social progress. I am overjoyed that MAP now offers a wonderful program for preschoolers and feel very fortunate that my daughter is a part of it!

 - Ruth McGary

MAP has truly been a wonderful part of our son's transition to Memorial School. It is quite possibly the best thing that has happened to our son this year. He always comes home and reports on all the cool projects and clubs he is involved with at MAP. The teachers take a child-centered approach, often following students' lead or interest. Our son feels valued, cared for, and comfortable with all the teachers and friends he has at MAP. He once said, "One thing I love about MAP is the teachers always play with us and make sure all the kids are kind so everyone feels safe there." As a parent, this made me realize MAP is more than an after school program. It is a well-organized, developmentally appropriate, educational experience that has exceeded our expectations. It is by far one of Medfield Public Schools' best assets. 

Karyn and Keith Healey 


MAP has been helpful to our daughter.  MAP has encouraged our daughter to learn in a relaxed, yet constructive environment by promoting educational play.  The program has also allowed her to extend her school day in preparation for kindergarten.  In addition, MAP has facilitated growth in our daughter by promoting independence at meal time and helping her establish a variety of friends with both Pre-K and kindergarten aged children." 

 - Courtney Saulnier


"MAP has by far been the anchor in our daughter's transition to school. She enjoys all the program has to offer and has made special MAP friends outside of her individual classroom further expanding her social circle. We are so grateful for the continuity on certain holidays and vacations when MAP is often open. This is a big help to working parents trying to balance it all. The teachers are innovative, engaging, and welcoming. We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Memorial K-1 MAP program. 

- Kerri McManama

"As parents with a child just entering MAP and Kindergarten, we were concerned about how our daughter would transition through all of the new adventures.  And while there were some initial tears and extra long hugs, the teachers at MAP were compassionate and understanding and made our transition to the school system very easy and a lot of fun for our daughter.  As we write this, we asked our daughter what she loves about MAP and she said "the teachers!"

- Karen and John Dorman