What Families are Saying

“When our son started in kindergarten, we were new to town. MAP was a terrific first community for us. Our son went to MAP in the morning, kindergarten for the afternoon, and then back to MAP after school. We thought it was going to be a lot of transitions, but our son looked forward to it each day. MAP was the right mix of fun, learning, chill out, and energy each day.  The creative teachers at MAP truly get to know our kids. The number of times we hear "I learned that at MAP!" in our house is innumerable.”  Tara J.

"The MAP staff has been great, oftentimes the kids are so engaged in their activities that they don’t want to leave. Most times around the dinner table, the best parts of the day are highlights from their times at MAP.”  Matt B.

“MAP has been an integral part of my childcare plans for the past 8(!) years. As a two working parent family, we have relied on MAP to be a safe, welcoming, playful, consistent and convenient place for our children to spend their afterschool hours. Our oldest, now in 7th grade, started at Memorial MAP in kindergarten and stayed through the 5th grade MAP@the Pfaff. Our youngest started with MAP even earlier through the JumpStart program at Memorial MAP and is now a third grader in MAP at Wheelock. A friend offered a play date during one of the non-school days early this year and my child opted to attend the MAP “Special sign-up” day instead—that’s how fun it is. We’ve loved every teacher and every minute. There is something great about knowing your child is happy, meeting friends from other classrooms, and playing outside as much as possible (bonus: that your 5th grader will have all of their homework done by the time you pickup!) The only downside?? Trying to find places for all of the “treasured” art pieces made from recycled materials! Thank you MAP and MAP teachers for loving our kids and being a trusted resource for our community.”  Patti A.