Got Stuff? 

Do you have extra sports equipment, great recyclables, old games the kids grew out of, or an excess of unused art supplies? 

One of the best ways for MAP to help stay green is to get creative with and re-use old supplies!  See below to check out specific recyclables and used items each site may be in the process of collecting!

Jump Start Kindergarten & First Grade Program
Program Director: Meghan Jackson
(508) 359-2165
Located on North Street adjacent to Memorial School

JS- K-1 program is currently collecting:   


  • Tennis balls

  • Baby food jars

  • Recycled paper (with one clean side)

  • Envelopes

2nd-3rd Grade Program
Program Director: Alex Sakash
(508) 359-8513
Located on Elm Street behind the Wheelock School 

2nd-3rd Grade program is currently collecting: 

  • Tennis balls

  • ping pong balls

  • Baby food jars

  • paper towel rolls

4th-6th Grade Program
Program Director: Kurt Jackson
(508) 359-2168
Located at the Pfaff Center

4th -6th program is currently collecting: 

  • iPads, computers, digital cameras (Upgrading? Consider donating your old electronic)

  • Vinyl records

  • Glass Jars (baby food, salsa, mayo, relish, pickles, etc)

  • Paper towel and toilet paper tubes

  • Scrapbooking supplies

  • Tennis balls

  • Homework supplies (pencils, notebook paper, erasers)

  • Paper products (i.e. left over plates, cups, napkins, etc from parties)